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121 products
121 products
  1. Diatomaceous earth

    Diatomaceous earth

    250 g
  2. Stevia seeds
    Euro Garden

    Stevia seeds

    30 units
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Discover our organic seeds. If it's natural and you've grown it yourself, it still tastes better. There is nothing that tastes better than a freshly picked vegetable or fruit from your own garden. And if you have also grown it naturally, without fertilizers or chemical fertilizers, it is even better.

It all starts with the seeds. Producers like Batlle, Geo or Sembra offer you organic seeds to plant what you want: tomato seeds, basil seeds, oregano seeds, zucchini, lettuce, aromatic herbs ... Try and find out which ones grow best in your garden in each season!

Of course, you will need a suitable place to plant your harvest. If you are running out of space for a garden or have just started, there are practical self-cultivation kits that include everything you need: germinators , tools, etc. and that you can put in the garden or on the terrace.

Also, plants require nutrients to grow. Nutrients depend on three factors: the substrate, the fertilizer and the fertilizers, in addition to some pesticides. They do not need to be chemical products, since substances such as algae or horsetail have proven to be very effective, with the advantage of not being dangerous for the environment.

You already have everything you need to install a vegetable garden at home. Now you just have to take care of your plants, water them periodically ... and wait for the next harvest!

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