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Juices and smoothies

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55 products
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  1. Alce Nero 2
  2. Babybio 10
  3. Baule volante 6
  4. Be plus 2
  5. Gerber Organic 2
  6. Good Goût 1
  7. Hero Baby 1
  8. HiPP 2
  9. Holle 5
  10. Mi Menu 1
  11. Nestlé 4
  12. Probios 4
  13. Smileat 4
  14. Vitabio 11
  1. Apple 7
  2. Banana 1
  3. Fruits 1
  4. Grape 1
  5. Mango 3
  6. Pear 2
  7. Pineapple 1
  8. Raspberry 2
  1. 100% natural 2
  2. Bio 29
  3. Colorants free 20
  4. Eco 33
  5. Ecocert 3
  6. Egg free 6
  7. Gluten free 23
  8. GMO free 3
  9. Lactose free 8
  10. Made in France 20
  11. Made in Italy 4
  12. No added sugar 39
  13. No salt added 3
  14. Organic 7
  15. Preservatives free 20
  16. Sugarfree 2
  17. Without milk 2
  1. Energy 6
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55 products
55 products
  1. Cool Fruits Apple of Provence Raspberry Acerola

    Cool Fruits Apple of Provence Raspberry Acerola

    12 units of 90g (Raspberry - Apple)
  2. Williams pear fruit only
    Baule volante

    Williams pear fruit only

    4 units of 100g
  3. Cool Fruits Pomme de Provence Mango Pineapple Acerola

    Cool Fruits Pomme de Provence Mango Pineapple Acerola

    12 units of 90g (Mango - Apple - Pineapple)
  4. Cool Fruits Apple Pear of Provence Acerola

    Cool Fruits Apple Pear of Provence Acerola

    12 units of 90g (Apple - Pear)
  5. Cool Raspberry Grape Acerola Juice

    Cool Raspberry Grape Acerola Juice

    4 units of 105ml (Raspberry - Grape)
  6. Cool Fruits of Aquitaine Apple Acerola

    Cool Fruits of Aquitaine Apple Acerola

    4 units (Fruits)
  7. Only golden apple fruit
    Baule volante

    Only golden apple fruit

    4 units of 100g
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Top every meal or snack with juices and baby smoothies. Who said that a baby's diet should be monotonous? At Naturitas we offer you juices, smoothies and drinks for baby that are the ideal complement for a meal or snack.

Fruit juices allow your baby to enjoy the flavor and benefits of fruit anytime, anywhere. Whether it is an orange juice , an apple juice , a pineapple juice or any other flavor, your baby will love it. And you will have the peace of mind that all the fruit juices on our website are made with natural ingredients of the highest quality and preserving the properties of the fruit. In that you have the guarantee of our selected brands of fruit juices for babies, such as Hipp or Intracma.

Do you prefer a drinkable? Baby Drinks from My Menu, Smileat, and other brands are made from fruit puree, so they have a denser texture, making them easier to drink for young children. And if it's hot, how about a refreshing baby smoothie? We have drinks from brands like Holle, Pure Smoothies or My Menu that are made from fruit or vegetable juice and have a flavor and creaminess that you will love. In addition, you have classic baby smoothies, such as strawberry smoothie or banana smoothie, and other truly original ones that combine various fruits and vegetables to help your baby discover the wonderful variety of the vegetable world.

Take a look at our baby juices and smoothies, they are for licking your fingers!

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