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9 products
9 products
  1. Organic Tulsi

    Organic Tulsi

    60 vegetable capsules
  2. Basil
    Nova Diet


    40 g
  3. Basil
    Soria Natural


    40 g
  4. Basil


    40 g
  5. Basil Leaves
    Will be in stock soon

    Basil Leaves

    60 g of powder
9 Items

The best food supplements with Basil.

What is basil and what is it for?

Basil is an aromatic herb that is used in the preparation of certain foods, but also as a medicinal treatment . It helps relieve stomach upset, reduces feelings of nervousness, and can combat both physical and mental fatigue.

How can basil be used?

Basil can be used in infusions , but also in the form of a condiment to season meals. Likewise, there are also basil capsules.

What are the benefits of basil?

Basil has several benefits, among which are that it strengthens the immune system , is a powerful anti-stress, promotes sleep (so it can be an aid for those who suffer from insomnia), it also improves memory and prevents colds.

How to plant and how to care for basil?

To plant and care for basil, you have to prepare the seeds by covering them with a moist vegetable mulch and placing one or two seeds that will be covered with very little soil. Afterwards, the seedbed should be covered with plastic wrap to keep the soil moist and leave it exposed to the sun .

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