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Edemas and bruises

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21 products
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    Arnikind Gel

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We have all suffered at some time from edema or bruising caused by small accidents or health problems. It can take days or weeks for our body to reabsorb them naturally.

To help in this task, we can resort to effective natural remedies such as raising the limb or applying cold locally. Remedies for edema and bruising based on natural extracts are also useful, which improve circulation to facilitate the elimination of accumulated fluid.

What is the difference between edema and bruising?

Edemas are inflammations of the tissues that occur due to the accumulation of fluid and that can appear locally (in the legs, arms, ankles, etc.) or generalized (abdomen, face, etc.). The causes of edema can be diverse, from allergic reactions or medications, to excess salt in the diet or sedentary lifestyle.

For its part, hematomas are accumulations of blood caused by small internal hemorrhages, due to blows, injuries or poor circulation problems that cause the breakage of blood capillaries. This favors the appearance of the well-known bruises, bruises or bruises, which are usually accompanied by pain, inflammation and skin color changes.

Natural remedies for edema and bruising

The most effective treatments for edema and bruising are to facilitate the evacuation or absorption of the liquid, raising the affected limb or applying cold.

Natural remedies for edema and bruising, based on substances that improve circulation and reduce fluid retention, such as gingko biloba , immortelle , red vine, or witch hazel, may also be helpful . Arnica , Helichrysum or Rosemary-based edema and bruise creams and creams are also effective in relieving inflammation and pain.

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