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Did you know that "rheumatism" as such does not exist? When we speak of rheumatism, we are referring to a wide variety of disorders located in the musculoskeletal system that cause pain, swelling, heaviness and other discomforts that can ruin your day. Get to know them!

In addition to the medical treatments available for rheumatic diseases, you can alleviate the symptoms of rheumatism through natural remedies from plants with an anti-inflammatory, analgesic and even preventive effect.

What is rheumatism?

We usually call "rheumatism" or "rheumatism" to all kinds of discomfort or pain in the legs, which are usually caused by inflammation or wear and tear of muscle tissues and tendons. This encompasses a wide range of diseases ranging from arthritis and osteoarthritis to low back pain, gout, etc.

The most frequent causes of rheumatism are wear and tear of muscles and joints due to age, although it can also arise from virus and bacterial infections. There are medical treatments for the majority of diseases that we include within the category of rheumatism, but we can also prevent alleviating the symptoms of rheumatism with natural remedies.

Natural remedies for rheumatism

The best natural treatments for rheumatism are based on the powerful anti-inflammatory effect of different plants such as sage , rosemary , juniper , birch , gooseberry or harpago . We can also resort to plants with analgesic effects that are capable of relieving the symptoms of rheumatism, such as wormwood or skullcap .

Furthermore, we can prevent the appearance of rheumatism with substances that help preserve the flexibility of muscles, tendons and joints such as calcium , magnesium , collagen or silicon , widely used in different rheumatic conditions. Finally, you can try other rheumatism treatments such as heat patches or popular copper bracelets.

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