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18 products
18 products
  1. Manganese as citrate

    Manganese as citrate

    100 tablets of 4mg
  2. Labcatal 10 (Manganese)

    Labcatal 10 (Manganese)

    28 ampoules
  3. Diatonate 1 Manganese
    Soria Natural

    Diatonate 1 Manganese

    28 vials
  4. Manganese


    50 capsules
  5. Chelated Manganese

    Chelated Manganese

    100 tablets
  6. Oligo-si manganese

    Oligo-si manganese

    20 ampoules
  7. Manganese


    500 ml
  8. Retard Manganese
    Soria Natural

    Retard Manganese

    24 tablets
  9. Manganese


    100 tablets
  10. Manganese
    Will be in stock soon


    60 vegetable capsules
  11. Oligosol Manganese
    Will be in stock soon

    Oligosol Manganese

    28 vials of 2ml
  12. Manganese
    Will be in stock soon
    Dr. Giorgini


    200 ml
  13. Manganese (Mn)
    Will be in stock soon

    Manganese (Mn)

    20 vials of 2ml
18 Items

Manganese is one of the minerals that is most common to have deficiencies in our body. Although the body's requirements for manganese are low, it is present in very few foods and has low assimilation. Below you can see the foods that contain manganese as well as the manganese supplements available.

Manganese properties

Manganese is one of the essential trace elements for the human body, since it intervenes in various physiological processes. The main properties of manganese are to promote the formation of bones, cartilage and nerves. That is why it is recommended to take manganese especially in women who are in menopause.

Furthermore, manganese benefits also extend to the regulation of blood glucose levels, the absorption of vitamin E, wound healing and skin regeneration, as well as the proper functioning of the thyroid. Finally, it is a powerful antioxidant that fights premature aging and is beneficial for the brain, by reinforcing memory and reducing irritability.

How to take manganese

Being an essential trace element, our body does not produce manganese and we need to obtain it mainly through the diet. Foods with manganese include whole grains, nuts, some vegetables, such as beets or spinach, as well as dairy products, tea, chocolate and seafood.

In situations of lack of this mineral, we can complement its intake with manganese supplements like those you will find in Naturitas. They are available in different formats such as manganese tablets, tablets and capsules, ampoules, vials, etc. to be able to take manganese easily and safely, guaranteeing that it is not lacking in your body.

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