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Orange blossom

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9 products
9 products
  1. Orange Blossom Bag
    Soria Natural

    Orange Blossom Bag

    25 g
  2. Orange Blossom
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    Orange Blossom

    40 g
  3. Orange blossom

    Orange blossom

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    Organic orange blossom

    200 ml of floral water
  5. Orange Blossom Extract
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    Orange Blossom Extract

    50 ml
  6. Orange blossom
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    El Naturalista

    Orange blossom

    40 g
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Although the flowers of the orange tree, the lemon tree and the citron are called orange blossom, the former are the most appreciated for their aroma and therapeutic benefits. These qualities are due to the properties of orange blossom, which include active principles such as essential oils, pectins, coumarin, etc. From the famous orange blossom water to a multitude of cosmetics, perfumes, aromatherapy products and dietary supplements, there are many ways to take orange blossom to enjoy its qualities. Get to know them!

Orange blossom properties

Orange blossom flowers are highly valued in cosmetics and perfumery due to their aromatic qualities. In natural medicine, they are used mainly for their sedative effects, which help to calm stress and anxiety, fight insomnia and relieve migraines and headaches. The benefits of orange blossom also extend to the digestive system, as it helps to treat indigestion, stomach pain, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

The benefits of orange blossom do not end here, because mixed with honey and lemon, it helps treat the symptoms of flu, colds and other respiratory diseases. Finally, orange blossom used topically tones, cleanses and refreshes the skin.

How to take orange blossom

In addition to being the ingredient in many natural cosmetic products, orange blossom is available as a dietary product. Its best known presentation is orange blossom water , which is made by distilling the petals of orange flowers and applied to the skin with moisturizing and toning effects. Another way to take it is to prepare an infusion of orange blossom with the dried flowers of this plant, which has sedative and digestive properties.

Orange blossom extract or orange blossom essential oil is also available, to dilute in drinks or vegetable oils. Orange blossom contraindications advise against its consumption by pregnant women and children.

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